BSUR Hair Grand Opening

While the salon has been open for a few months before the Grand Opening, it’s never too late to throw a big party to celebrate the occasion… Especially when it can be combined with your birthday.

The opening of this beautiful hair salon, called BSUR Hair, was a pleasure to attend. While a lot of people were invited, it was a nice surprise to see so many guests turning up for this very special opening! From old colleagues, to very close friends and clients. So much support, so much love! Luckily there were plenty of goodie bags to take home for the guests.

Edwin and I set up a photobooth in a small room, which made sure of plenty of hilarious moments, but also moments filled with love and support. It was so much fun for us to capture everything!

The owner of the salon, topstylist Danny Selens, has some special thoughts behind the name and the salon. BSUR stands for Be As You Are - everyone is welcome in this gender neutral, all vegan hairsalon. Which means that the pricing depends only on the kind of treatment you get (not your gender), and the products are completely cruelty free, which is always a good thing. You’ll also find Marieke van Dort in the salon, she is a fantastic hair & make-up artist, and she can make the most beautiful updo’s.

Danny and Marieke will make sure you will leave the salon feeling pampered and looking amazing.

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Edwin van den Eeden, second shooter:

Location of the salon: Van Speykstraat 141, Rotterdam